There are so many tips and tricks from a variety of sources on how to best improve your home security. Some will work extremely well for you, and others less so, simply based on your needs and preferences for your home security. At Heidelberg Locksmiths, we’ve compiled our top 5 ways to improve your home security in Heidelberg. For more information on any of the tips listed below, you can contact us on 1300 762 258.

1. Deadlocks

Installing deadlocks on your windows and doors is an excellent way to improve your home security. It must be noted that not all locks are deadlocks, so ensure that you know which type of lock you have. Deadlocks are especially important for home and contents insurance due to the vastly improved home security they provide. Deadlocks provide the ability to lock from both sides and a key is required to open the lock from either side.

2. Avoid Digital Locks

There has been a significant increase in the number of digital locks purchased online. Unsurprisingly, there has also been a correlation with regards to the number of locks being broken in to. When it comes to protecting contents that may be worth far more than the cost of the lock, the quality of the lock needs to be seriously considered before purchase.

3. Call a Professional

Attempting DIY or calling the average handyman will usually have decidedly mixed results. While a professional may be slightly more expensive, the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your locks have been installed correctly and your home is secure is priceless, and could potentially save your time and money down the track.

4. Don’t Use a Hidden Key

We see it in movies all the time, but hiding a key under the doormat or in a pot plant exponentially reduces your home’s security. If you are unable to leave a key with someone you trust, a secure option may be to purchase a key safe and install it somewhere that is not visible to passers-by.

5. Visibility is Key

While having a high-quality security system is very important. So too is visibility (or lack thereof) of the valuable contents you are trying to protect. If thieves don’t see a reason to risk entering, then generally they simply won’t. So, ensure that you keep all valuables hidden through closed curtains or safely tucked away in drawers, cabinets etc.

These 5 ways to improve your home security in Heidelberg should certainly be implemented to keep your house and contents secure. For more information please contact Heidelberg Locksmiths, the locksmith professionals on 1300 762 258. You can also visit our contact page HERE.