Being authorised BiLock agents, Heidelberg Locksmiths are able to distribute, manufacture, design, install and perform regular maintenance on BiLock Master Key Systems.

The main features of BiLock Exclusive:

  • Simplicity: Requires minimum upkeep and is simple to use
    • Durability: Tougher key and lock
    • Tamper Resistance: The pick resistance of the lock is exceptionally high
    • Flexibility: Create up to 17,000,000 combinations
    • Compatibility: BiLock Exclusive and BiLock Quick Change Core can retrofit almost all hardware
    • Cost Effectiveness: Maintenance and installation prices are both very competitive

This high form of security master key system can be seen in some of the most secure places including casinos, upper-end hotels and hospitals.  Since their conception over 30 years ago, BiLock has been the preferred choice of locking systems all around the world.  It should be noted that BiLock is also an Australian company so their work ethics and product quality can all be verified.

BiLock is constantly seen re-engineering and further developing their products.  The most recent development, BiLock Exclusive has set the standard for high security locking systems.

With BiLock Exclusive, it is possible to create a high security master key system with the ability to efficiently make changes to the combinations and also cut new or add additional keys to the system.  This all helps to reduce the chances of your security system becoming compromised.

Many businesses and large establishments prefer BiLock Exclusive as it provides them with the ultimate level of security.  By having a dual-bladed key that operates to a 12-pin programme of tumbler pins (with 6 pins on both sides), it makes it almost impossible to pick. Through the activation of 2 sidebars, the end-user is left with over 17,000,000 possible lock combinations.

To further add to the level of security provided by BiLock Exclusive, there is an integrated 13thlocking dimension.  What does that mean?  Essentially the lock has an inbuilt security rod into the cylinder of the lock.  It is necessary for this security rod to rotate in order to activate the 13thdimension of the locking system.  Without doing so, the lock cannot be opened.

BiLock Exclusive make it the perfect locking system for a building or office where you want to have selective access for certain personnel.  This can all be achieved with the Master Key Locking System. To help further organise the hierarchy of the keys, the client is able to choose a colour pattern for their keys. With BiLock Exclusive, the owner has the option to mix one, two or three colours from the 22 that are available. From this, they will be able to produce over 8,500 colour combinations.  By using the colour combination system, you will be able to identify immediately the type of access that someone will have with their key.

Another interesting add-on to BiLock Exclusive is the ability to replace the core of the lock with a specialised key.  This is refereed to as the BiLock Quick Change Core (QCC).  With QCC, there is no need to over invest with time and money in rekeying the lock.  You can simply (with the correct key), take out the original core and swap it over for another.