Security Audits can be performed at your office, home, school, factory or building.  It is a thorough and systematic Security Risk Assessment that will give Heidelberg Locksmiths a clearer understanding of just how secure your premises is.

Whilst conducting the Security Audit, Heidelberg Locksmiths will analyse the physical access route to your property, the systems in place to protect it and we will also perform a Security Vulnerability Scan.  Furthermore, the team at Heidelberg Locksmiths will interview your staff and perform operational checks on the operating system access controls.

Performing a Security Audit is suitable for anyone with a home or business that wants to protect and reduce the chances of someone entering his or her premises.  For more information please call Heidelberg Locksmiths on 1300 762 258.  We perform our Security Audits in Heidelberg and its surround suburbs.  You can also leave an enquiry HERE.


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