Sliding doors are always coping the grunt of the force.  The most common time for sliding door locks to wear out is over summer.  This is purely because of the amount of usage that happens.

The reason that sliding door locks become damaged is from the nature of the sliding doors.  As the doors are slid shut, the lock unfortunately takes a lot of this force.

Having a damaged or faulty sliding door lock can be a major security risk.  It’s therefore imperative that you have your sliding door locks checked regularly and if you notice any abnormalities you should call your local Heidelberg locksmith.

At Heidelberg Locksmiths, we also specialise in installing sliding door locks.  At Heidelberg locksmith team is available to attend any home within Heidelberg and its surround suburbs.

For details on how we can replace or analyse your sliding door lock, call 1300 762 258. You may also like to leave us an enquiry HERE.