BiLock Exclusive

BiLock Exclusive – The most recognised high security Master Key System is now even better

For more than 30 years, BiLock Exclusive has been the leading choice for high security applications.  The Master Key System can be seen utilised in some of the world’s most secure places, including:

  • Casinos
  • American Banks
  • Olympic Games
  • Military and Security Establishments
  • Industrial and Civil sites

How does BiLock Exclusive work?

 By having a dual key combination, BiLock Exclusive can have up to 16.8 million combinations. These combinations are further protected by the new addition of the 14thand 15thelements which provide protection through the introduction of two unique codes.

With BiLock Exclusive you are able to create over 8,000 colour combinations with the varying key head colour choices.  There are 22 colours to use and it makes identifying and allocating keys with restricted access much easier.  The colours on the key head can be used to identify the type of access that each key will be given.

How safe is BiLock Exclusive? 

BiLock Exclusive has an additional add-on of a high tensile steel anti-drill barrier.  This added layer of protection will providethis product with one of the highest forms of protection against drilling and other forms of penetration.  This makes BiLock Exclusive compliant to AS4145.2.

BiLock Exclusive is protected by a 20-year patent life.  This means that you can be almost sure that no replications or imitations will be brought out within that time.

How to install BiLock Exclusive?

BiLock Exclusive can be either retrofitted or installed new.  BiLock Exclusive converts any lock.  This means great access control and minimises the need for more keys.

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