Did you leave your keys in the car? Drop them on the way to your car? Lost them in the ocean maybe? Whatever you did to them, it’s ok, it’s not too big of a problem anymore.  Our Heidelberg vehicle unlocking team won’t be far away.

vehicle unlocking

After many years of experience is unlocking locked cars, our Heidelberg Locksmiths team is able to assist you with getting into your car fast and inexpensively.

If your keys are in the car, then great! We’ll let you in and you can drive off.  If you’ve lost your keys, then we’ll just make a copy of your spares. Don’t have any spares?  No problem, we’ll just create a key for your lock. We’ve got all bases covered!

So if you’re in Heidelberg, or nearby in one of its surrounding suburbs, we can assist.  For help on getting back into your car, give Heidelberg Locksmiths a call on 1300 762 258.