Although more and more cars are beginning to have key-less entry, there are still lots of people that need to use a key to enter. We know this, because we help them out ALL the time. When trying to remove broken keys from locks you must take care as you don’t want to cause more problems.

Every day we’ll have to attend a car and remove a broken key from the lock.  It happens very easily actually.  When trying to enter or leave your car in a rush, you twist the key, apply some directional force, and then boom! The key snaps off inside the lock.

The secret to removing the key from the lock is by doing so without damaging the lock.  Save yourself te time, hassle and money and have a professional automotive locksmith assist you before attempting to do it yourself.

At Heidelberg Locksmiths, our automotive locksmith response team has all necessary training required to remove broken-off keys from car locks without damaging the rest of the lock.

Whether you’re stuck in Heidelberg or the nearby suburbs, our professional locksmith team will be able to attend at all hours and within a fast response time.

For more information, or to help you get back into your car, call 1300 762 258.  To make an enquiry, click HERE.