Each year, more and more break and enters are happening.  It’s unfortunate, but so many of these could have been prevented by using simple forms of home security.  Furthermore, another large portion of these could have been prevented by simply not sticking to the traditional habit of leaving your key under the doormat.  Instead, these homes could have used a key safe. 

Why shouldn’t I leave my key under the doormat?

Put simply, thieves are expecting that.  It doesn’t take a cunning thief to realise that most people like to leave a spare car lying around their home.  Quite often they’ll check under the doormat first and if they can’t find anything they’ll then check in the garden and also look for fake rocks (don’t invest in one of these either).

What should I do?

If you can’t leave your key with a trusted neighbour or nearby friend, then at Heidelberg Locksmiths, we recommend that you invest in a key safe. A key safe is an excellent idea for anyone wanting to leave their key in a secure place and have the peace of mind knowing that it’s not just lying under a mat.

A key safe will make it extremely difficult for any thief to break in to.  They are generally set using a number combination and they’re not too expensive either.

Best place to put a key safe?

At Heidelberg Locksmiths, we recommend that you put your key safe in a place that is inconspicuous and out-of-sight.  The idea isn’t to advertise that you’re using a key safe.  Although they’re incredibly resilient, like any safe, key safes can be broken in to and so we want the chances of this happening to be at a minimum.

It’s best to find a spot that it not exposed to the elements, and you also want to ensure that it is securely bolted to a point that is fixed and solid – Avoid putting them on your front door.

Tips of finding a high quality key safe

Ask your local master locksmith!  If you’re unsure about which key safe would best suit your needs it’s best to speak with a professional.  Not only will they help you select a key safe, but they should also be able to fit it. It’s something which could save you a lot of money and time in the future.

At Heidelberg Locksmiths, our team of highly trained locksmiths are all very well skilled in the area of key safes.  Anyone of our team members would be more than happy to speak with you and offer you assistance.  We can provide you with a high quality key safe and also fit it for you. Keeping you and your Heidelberg home is a big priority for us!  For more information, please give us a call on 1300 762 258.