At Heidelberg Locksmiths, it makes us extremely proud knowing that we are able to help so many people.  Our Bellfield Emergency Unlocking Services have been tested again recently.  One of our Heidelberg onsite locksmith units helped to prevent something that could have lead to a disaster.

Bellfield Emergency Unlocking Services

Just two weeks ago, our Heidelberg Locksmiths team was called to a home in Bellfield.  A lady had been preparing her dinner when she went outside to take the rubbish.  Little did she realise, her trip to the rubbish bin could have resulted in a catastrophic event in the kitchen.

Whilst outside, the front door had closed on its own, and the lady was locked out from her home. In particular, she was locked out from turning off the stove in which she was cooking on.  The lady panicked and called our Heidelberg Locksmiths team. She explained the situation and in a very fast response time, one of our vans had arrived and unlocked her door.

The lady was let safely back into her home where she could organise the kitchen.  Even though her dinner was ruined, she was incredibly grateful that we had been able to arrive swiftly and let her back into her home. The customer acknowledged that it could have been a disastrous ending had we not arrived when we did.

At Heidelberg Locksmiths, we find stories like these extremely important.  We love knowing that we’re able to help out so many members of the community.  This Bellfield emergency unlocking job is one of many that we could boast about. Having our onsite locksmith time in Heidelberg means that we have the flexibly and means of travelling to the surrounding suburbs.

If you’re in need of our emergency unlocking services, or if you have any questions about tasks that our Heidelberg Locksmith team can perform, then please feel free to contact us on 1300 762 258.  Our friendly team members will happily take your call.  You may also leave an enquiry for us HERE.