We have recently had a few incidents of car robbery come up with some of our customers in Heidelberg. It’s really unfortunate, but the positive thing is that most of these could have been avoided by applying a few simple rules.  If you’re wishing to help improve your car safety in Heidelberg, then be sure to read the following tips.

Hide/remove all expensive items from your car

When told to hide or remove expensive items from the car, many of us will throw a towel over them.  Thieves are very cunning; they understand that a towel covering something in the car is probably hiding something expensive.  If you can’t hide it effectively, just simply remove it.

Don’t leave any cables exposed

By leaving cables out in the open, thieves know that there is a good chance the product that connects to one of those cables might be there too.  Cables such as GPS chargers, drone battery chargers and Bluetooth kits, are all of value to car thieves.  Either remove or hide all cables.

Avoid giving your car ventilation

During a hot summers day in Heidelberg, it might be a nice thought to leave your window slightly open to allow for a breeze to go through the parked car.  You should definitely think again.  By leaving your window open even the slightest bit, you can attract thieves and give them the gap they need to enter your car.  They don’t need much, so it’s best not to do it at all.

Park near security cameras

If you can, always try to park closer to security cameras.  In train stations or main streets, always try to park near to a security camera.  This is a massive deterrent to thieves and could ultimately be the thing the helps prevent your car from being stolen.  If there are no cameras nearby it’s sometimes worthwhile to park a little further from your destination just so you can be covered by the cameras.

For more information or advice on improving your car safety in Heidelberg, call Heidelberg Locksmiths on 1300 762 258.  We’ll happily give you some advice over the phone!