Unfortunately, in the locksmith industry there are companies out there that are trying to take advantage of innocent customers.  Companies that are advertising unrealistically low prices in your suburb should cause warning flags.  Lately at Heidelberg Locksmiths, we have had many complaints about customers being ripped-off by ‘Cheap Locksmiths In Heidelberg’.  Due to this, we have dedicated this blog to educate you in trying to help you to avoid their trap.

What is the cheap locksmith’s scam in Heidelberg?

When searching for cheap locksmiths in Heidelberg, it’s important to know if you’re actually being set-up for a scam.  To find out, you should:

Make sure you speaking with someone from your area, not a different country

Many of our customers will report cases of where the phone call has been diverted to an overseas call handler.  If you feel this happen, simply hang-up.

Be wary of overly-cheap offers

If you find a price that seems too good to be true, it very may well be like that.  Don’t let the excitement of finding a super-low price cloud your judgement.  Be sure to remain composed and verify the business first.

Watch out for their tricks

A lot of the time, these ‘cheap locksmiths’ will arrive to the worksite and tell you that the job is more complicated than they had anticipated.  They will then give you an exorbitant price to have the problem resolved.  If you find yourself in this situation, it might be best to consider terminating the job before they carry out extra work.  Be sure to ask for all their details also so that you can verify if they’re a registered locksmiths or a scam-artist.

What else can you do?

Call a fully-insured, Master Locksmith to confirm prices.

If you call your local locksmith, you should be able to get a realistic quote for the job.  Don’t just accept the first quote you get because it seems really cheap.  A lot of the time the end price will end up being far more than if you had used a standard locksmith to begin with.

If you’re unsure about a particular locksmith or you’d like to request a locksmith’s services, then feel free to contact Heidelberg Locksmiths on 1300 762 258.