While many people think that bedroom door locks seem to be fairly redundant if your external doors and windows are locked, it can be a useful final option in the event of a break in. While it certainly isn’t the only security system you should have, it can provide the last line of defence in case the worst does happen.

Why Put Locks On Bedroom Doors?

In times gone past, bedroom door locks were used for privacy amongst family members. However, as trends change with time, so too did this one, and the locks eventually were seen as redundant… which is simply untrue.

When a home invasion occurs, particularly if it is of a violent nature, ensuring you and your family have the most amount of time to call the police before the intruder gets inside and/or finds you is crucial. Therefore, all barrier systems are certainly a worthwhile investment.

If the intruder is able to enter your home, most people head to their bedrooms as a secure location to hide and call the police and wait for them to arrive. However, if the intruder makes it to you first, having a lock on your bedroom door could hold them off for a little longer for you to either escape or for the police to arrive.

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