At Heidelberg Locksmiths, we recently completed a job in Eaglemont.  Our onsite locksmith team received a call saying that a lady had locked her keys in the boot of her new BMW.  Locking keys in the car is something that happens to a lot of customers.  Many people are of the belief that with newer, upper-end cars that being able to access them would be near impossible.  This definitely wasn’t the case in Eaglemont. Our emergency car unlocking unit from Heidelberg was able to attend right away.

Emergency Car Unlocking Services in Eaglemont

As soon as our onsite locksmith team arrived to the customer in Eaglemont, she was very pleased at the time it took us to reach her.  She had explained to us that after placing the groceries in the boot of the car, she had simply left her keys in there as she was distracted by a phone call.  The good news was that the lady didn’t lock her phone in the boot also!

She said that she was searching for a local locksmith near Eaglemont and therefore found our onsite Heidelberg Locksmith team.  She needed someone to perform an emergency car unlocking on her new BMW in Eaglemont.  One of our locksmiths was able to successfully pick the boot lock with a special tool that doesn’t inflict any damage on the vehicle.

The customer was incredibly happy to know that in such a short time, she was able to have her keys again and continue on with her day.  She was particularly pleased to see that the car did not suffer from any damage during the entire process.

At Heidelberg Locksmiths, we love to be able to assist those in need of our locksmith services. Regardless if you’re located in Heidelberg, or nearby such as Eaglemont, our onsite team will be able to make it out to you in a fast response time.

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