If you’ve just had your home broken in to, or you’ve moved into a new home or your locks appear old and aren’t functioning properly, you first reaction should not be to replace the lock. You can save yourself a lot of time, money and hassle if you instead get it rekeyed.

When do you need to replace a lock?

 Knowing when to replace a lock may be hard to tell to the untrained eye.  If you try to search for your answer in Google, you may be even more confused.  90% of the time, we will arrive to our customer’s home and we’ll have to rekey the lock, not replace it.

For the majority of these instances, the customer has been certain that the lock needed to be replaced. Upon arriving there, we have shown them why rekeying the lock would be cheaper and more beneficial to the customer.

What’s involved with rekeying a lock?

 If your lock needs to be rekeyed, we will use our top of the range equipment and change the combinations around in your locking system. Once this is done, it will render all original keys useless.

The rekeyed lock will only open to the new keys. This achieves the same results replacing a lock; expect you’ve saved A LOT of money.

Price of having a lock rekeyed?

 For the majority of cases, the price to rekey a lock will remain the same.  Regardless if you have a new or old lock, the process of rekeying will only cost you $44 with Heidelberg Locksmiths.

If you’re wanting to replace your lock, many factors need to be considered and therefore the price can vary.

Need your locks rekeyed?

If you live in Heidelberg or in one of its surrounding suburbs, then we can most certainly help you out.  Our Heidelberg Locksmiths’ team will be able to assist you over the phone with deciding which option is most suitable.

If you have any more questions, or need some advice, then please feel free to contact us on 1300 762 258 or visit us HERE.