At Heidelberg Locksmiths, our onsite locksmith team not only services residents and businesses in Heidelberg, but also the surrounding suburbs.  With our onsite service team, we’re able to perform a wide range of locksmith services without you needing to leave your home/business/vehicle.  Just recently, we were able to help out a gentleman that was in desperate search for a locksmith in Viewbank.

Locksmith in Viewbank – how we helped

When this resident was searching for ‘locksmith in Viewbank’, he was quite pleased to have found one that arrived within 45 minutes of his call.  The gentleman had been having lots of difficulties with securing his home and the problem was coming from his front door.

As soon as one of our locksmiths arrived at his home, they immediately inspected the customer’s front door.  Upon closer inspection, the locksmith noted that the striker plate was not lining up with the lock – this is why the door would never lock properly.

When the client had first called us, he explained his problem as ‘not being able to lock his front door’.  He said that even though the lock was engaged, he could push on the door and it would open.

What happened next?

Once the locksmith identified the problem, he simply repositioned the striker plate so that it once again lined up with the lock.  The job took no longer than 30 minutes and the customer was exceptionally happy with the service.

If you’re starting to experience problems like this with your front door, it’s always best to act quickly.  Leaving your home exposed is never worth the risk.  Striker plates tend to move from time to time and so it’s not uncommon for this issue to occur.   The solution is generally quite quick, and you can also ask our locksmith to assess your other doors too!

When looking for a locksmith in Viewbank, always remember that Heidelberg Locksmiths are never far away. If you’d like to speak with our locksmiths today, please feel free to call us on 1300 762 258.  You may also leave us an enquiry HERE.