At Heidelberg Locksmiths, we recently visited a home in Rosanna.  We received a call from a lady that had broken her key off in her garage roller door. When it comes to removing a broken key from a roller door lock, we always recommend leaving it up to the professionals.  Damaging your lock in the process of trying to remove the key yourself is never worth the repair fees.

How it happened

 The customer in Rosanna was needing to put something away in her garage.  She unlocked the roller door like normal and then went to lift it. She never used to take the key out of her roller door lock and up until this day, she never had a problem.  As she went to open the door, the key collided with the top of the roller, causing it to break off.

What did the customer do?

As soon as the customer realised the key was broken off in the lock, she called Heidelberg Locksmiths immediately.  One of our locksmiths were able to attend to her property in a fast response time.  They removed the key from the door with a specialised tool and then cut the customer a new key.  The good thing was that the customer hadn’t tried to remove the key herself.  She fortunately read something online which warned her against removing a broken key from a roller door lock.  Removing a broken key and cutting a new one is a far more economic (and faster) option than replacing or repairing a lock.

The customer was extremely happy with the fast and reasonably priced service she had received.  She had told us that it surprised her at just how affordable it is to rely on a mobile locksmith.

If you’ve found yourself in this situation, please feel free to call one of our mobile locksmith professionals on 1300 762 258.  For any other locksmith related problem, you can always count on Heidelberg Locksmiths to ensure a fast, cost-effective and professional solution.  To contact us using the enquiry form, please click HERE.