At Heidelberg Locksmiths, we know that trying to find the best window lock replacement (and the trustworthy people to help) can be time consuming at best. But we also know that you want to make sure you have the right security in place to keep you, your family, or your belongings or valuables as secure as possible. So read below on why we think getting quality window lock replacements is key(excuse the pun) to improving your home security.

Why are high quality window lock replacements important?

When you’re looking for window lock replacements, there are a few things you definitely need to know about – no matter what type of lock you’re replacing. The last thing you want to happen is for someone to break into your home or business because the window locks were faulty or damaged and needed replacing.

In 2018, Victoria alone saw more than 45,000 break and enter cases reported.[1]Many of those occurred through offenders coming into the home or business via an unlocked or poorly locked window. Windows are the perfect entry point for many thieves and burglars, as they generally draw less attention than a front door and may not be covered by security cameras.

Furthermore, while burglars could just break the window, this once again causes attention, and is far harder for the offender to easily get in and out. If the windows are locked properly, it may deter them from entering at all.

Common Window Lock Replacements

Now, when we say ‘common’ we don’t mean that they need replacing all the time because they’re low quality, but we generally do recommend having a few types of window locks, as it will help to improve the overall safety of your home.

Keyed Lock

Keyed locks are often found on single or double hung windows or sliding windows and can only be opened/locked with its key.

Child Safety Latches

These are excellent for homes or apartments with small children as it will only allow the window to open to a small degree. This helps keep air flow in the house, while making sure small and curious minds don’t find themselves in harms way.

Window Latch

Probably one of the most common window locks we see at Heidelberg Locksmiths is the window latch. This lock is a simple lock that secures the window. However, we do recommend reinforcing it with another lock such as a keyed lock.

Sliding Window Locks

These fairly basic looking window locks can be super effective in protecting your home or business against burglars. While they can only be used with sliding windows, the lock is easy to replace as it sits on the track. Plus, more sophisticated locks now use keys for added security.

Ensure Proper Window Lock Replacement!

So whatever type of lock you need to be replaced on your window, the best way to ensure it is done correctly to keep you, your family, and valuables safe is to call one of our Master Locksmiths at Heidelberg Locksmiths. Our team are dedicated to ensuring you have the peace of mind, knowing your nearest and dearest are safe and secure.

If you would like more information on our window lock replacement services, head to Heidelberg Locksmiths’ homepage HERE or contact our team today on 1300 762 258.